Vision & Mission

The Strategies of the Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage B.E. 2561-2563

1.      To keep your organization up to date to be recognized nationally and internationally.

2.      It is an organization that available for providing services, build relationships, and benefit members.

3.      It is the center of the professional network of veterinary associations and various clubs.

4.      To be a leader and respond to society’s needs with correct knowledge and understanding.

5.      It is a stage for young veterinarians to create activities that benefit the profession and society.


1.      To promote fellowship and ethics of veterinary practitioners.

2.      To promote the veterinary profession to get better.

3.      To promote the veterinary profession to meet the higher standards.

4.      To disseminate academic knowledge for the benefit of the members and society.

5.      To promote animal welfare.

6.      To promote sports and entertainment.

7.      To help the public charity on a worthy occasion.

8.      To cooperate and coordinate with other associations. However, regardless of politics.