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Rules of

The Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage 2020

Chapter 1

General Provisions

1.  This association shall be called “the Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King” , with the abbreviation                             of “T.V.M.A.”, or called in English as the Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage or “T.V.M.A.”
2. These Rules shall be called the “Rules of the Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage ,B.E.2544 (2001)
3. The Rules of the Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage B.E.2518 ,B.E.2524 , B.E.2521 and B.E.2541, as well as other regulations and             rules applicable prior to these Rules shall be revoked.
4. There Rules shall take effect on the date of registration by the registrar.
5. The emblem of the Association depicts two dark brown snakes rolling over a red baton with blue bird’s wings. A blue letter “ส” is kept at the center and             inside two circles with the words of “The Thai Veterinary Medical Association” written on the upper half in between the circles and the words of “Under             Royal Patronage” on the lower half. The emblem may be used as seal of the Association and for the activities of the Association.

6. The Association is located at 69/26 Soi Pathumwan Resort, Phaya Thai Road, Rajathevi District, Bangkok 10400.

Chapter II


7. The Association has the following objectives :
1. To promote unity and ethics of veterinary practitioners;
2. To promote the improvement of veterinary practice;
3. To promote the upgrading of veterinary profession;
4. To publicize technical knowledge for the benefit of the members and society;
5. To promote animal welfare;
6. To promote sporty and entertainment activities;
7. To provide assistance to charitable events on appropriate occasions;
8. To cooperate and coordinate with other associations in a non-political manner.

Chapter III


8.The membership of the Association is classified into 4 categories as follows:
1. Ordinary membership which is classified into the following:
1.1 yearly ordinary membership;
1.2 lifetime ordinary membership;
2. Extraordinary membership;
3. Associate membership;
4. Honorary membership.
9. Members in each category shall have the following qualifications:
1. As ordinary members, they shall be graduated in the veterinary profession from an officially accredited institute;
2. As extra-ordinary members, they shall be university students or pupils;
3.As associate members, they shall be persons other than those in items 1 or 2 above, with interest in or practice relating to the veterinary profession;
4. As honorary members, they shall be persons to whom citation and unanimous consent are given by the Governing Board.
10. All members of the Association shall have following qualifications:
1. Becoming suijurison the date of submitting application
2.Maintaining good behavioral records
3. Having no record of being sentenced to imprisonment by final judgment, unless on a commission by negligence or of misdemeanors
4.Persons who are not declared bankrupt by judgment of the Court
5. Persons who are not insane or mentally ill

Chapter IV

Application for Membership

11. An application for membership shall be made to the Secretary General or Registrar in the from specified. Such application shall be accompanied with                  endorsement of a lifetime member. Except in the case of application for an association member, and endorsement of at least 2 lifetime members is                    required.
12. Upon receipt of application, the Registrar shall submit it for consideration to the Governing Board at its next meeting.
13. Once the application is considered, the Registrar shall submit it for consideration, the Registrar shall notify in writing to the applicant the decision of the             Governing Board. Membership of an applicant is effective on the date when the decision is made and the applicant makes payment of the fees and                     contributions in accordance with the Rules.
14. Invitation for honorary membership requires a unanimous vote of the Governing Board.

Chapter V

Fees and Contributions

15. The rate for fee and contribution are as follows:
1. Annual Ordinary Membership
Fee                                  100 Baht
Annual contribution      200 Baht
2. Lifetime Ordinary Membership
Membership Fee            100 Baht
Annual contribution      1,000 Baht
3. Extraordinary Membership
Membership Fee            100 Baht
Annual contribution      200 Baht
4. Associate Membership
Membership Fee            100 Baht
Lifetime contribution    2,000 Baht
16. Application fees and contributions under Rule 15 shall be paid for on the date of application to the Registrar. Lifetime fees may be made in installments for         a period not exceeding 10 months, the first installment of which shall not be less than the annual fee for annual ordinary membership. Any annual                       ordinary member having paid the annual fee of 20 consecutive years shall be considered a lifetime member.

Chapter VI

Rights and Duties

17. Members shall be entitled to the following rights:
1. Ordinary members shall have the right to be elected or appointed as members of the Governing Board, as stipulated in the Rules, and shall have the                     right to vote at full meetings.
2. Extraordinary , associate and honorary members shall have right to attend and express views at full meeting, without the right to vote and to be                          elected or appointed as members of the Governing Board.
3. Members shall have the right to use the premises of the Association and enjoy the benefits provided for in accordance with conditions and regulations              of the Association.
4. Members may be accompanied with visitors, but shall be responsible for all damages accrued as a result thereof.
5. Members may make suggestions in writing on the activities of the Association to the Governing Board or call for and extraordinary session of a full                      meeting requested by at least 100 members.
6. Members shall have the right to examine documents and question the activities of the Association, as appropriate, or during full meeting for                                  clarification for its past performance.
7. Members may be decorated by insignia of the Association, given an identification card issued in accordance with the regulations of the Governing                       Board.
18. Members shall have the following duties:
1. Follow the rules and regulations of the Association
2. Comply with resolutions adopted by the full meeting and the Governing Board
3. Notify in writing to the Registrar in due course in case of relocation, change of name or surname, promotion and change of records previously registered
4. Maintain morality, good conduct and refrain from committing any malfeasance
5. Promote and cooperate in activities organized by the Association
6. Pay for annual of lifetime fees as specified in Rules 15

Chapter VII

Termination of Membership

19. The membership shall be terminated as a result of:
1. Death
2. Resignation
3. Non-payment of fee in arrears for one year and the Registrar has issued a registered letter of notification to the member at issue to settle the payment              in 60 days after receipt of notification
4. Commission of any act harmful to the Association or the veterinary profession or against the veterinarian ethics, thereby the Governing Board has                       decided that the members’ name at issue be removed from records by casting a secret ballot and securing no less than two-thirds majority of the                       Governing Board
5. Disqualification as stipulate in Chapter III, Rule 10
20. The Registrar may remove from record the name of member whose membership is terminated according to Rule 19, and make such name know to public at the premises for at least 15 days prior to notification thereon to all members.

Chapter VIII

Governing Board

21. There shall be established a board, call as “the Governing Board” comprising at least 15, but no more that 25 members of the Board holding the following positions:
1 President
1-2 Vice President
1 Secretary General
1 Treasurer
1 Registrar
1 Editor
1 Chairman of the Annual scientific meeting
1 Foreign Affairs Officer
1 Scientific Extension Officer
1 Public Relations Officer
1 Recreation Officer
3-5 members in charge of general affairs
22. The Board of the Association shall have Thai nationality
23. The President and all 3 to 5 members in charge of general affairs shall be elected from ordinary members and at a full meeting by secret ballots.
24. The President may appoint or remove from office any member on the Board, except for the members in charge of general affairs, and shall keep all                     members informed thereof within 30 days and the Registrar within 14 days, from the date of change. The Chairman shall appoint new members of the               Governing Board in accordance with Rule 21 within 60 days after the date of change.
25. The President may invite any person be engaged in activities of the Association or the serve as advisors.
26. The President shall remain in office for a period of 3 years and shall hold no more than 2 consecutive periods. Each period shall commence on January 1 of         each year.
27. Members of the Governing Board shall be removed from office as a result of the following :
1. Death
2. Designation
3. Termination of ordinary membership
4. No-confidence vote by secret ballots of two-third majority of members present and voting at a full meeting
5. Resignation or termination of the Chairman in accordance with Rule 26
In case that the President is to be removed from board prior to the expiration of this term, and if the remaining period of time under his term is less than 180 days, the Alternate President shall complete the term in his capacity. In case the remaining period of his term is more than 180 days, an election of the new President shall take place in 30 days after the removed from office in order to succeed the predecessor’s term and to from new members of the Governing Board.
Out-going members of the Governing Board shall hold office until the new Governing Board assumes duty.
In case member in charge of general affairs are removed from office prior to the expiration of their terms, the next runners -up who not appointed as member of the Governing Board shall assume office. In case there are no runners-up, such positions shall left vacant.

Chapter IX

Functions of the Governing Board

28. The Governing Board shall have the following functions:
1. Administration in consonance with the objectives and regulations of the Association, as well as issuance of regulations and the observation of the                       professional ethics
2.Establishment of branches or sub-committees or representatives of the Association, to carry out the objectives
3.Appointment of honorable persons as advisors to the Association, as determined by the Board’s resolution. The advisors’ term is terminated when the                Governing Board appointing the advisors is removed from office. Advisors may participate and propose views at the Board’s meetings, but are not                      entitled to vote.
4.Appointment of certified auditors to audit accounts and certify balance sheets. Remuneration for auditing shall be determined by the Governing Board.            A new auditor may be appointed by the Governing Board to fill in its vacancy. An auditor be member of the Association, but member of the Governing                Board or any person having interests in the Association other than being a member of the Association.
5. Authorization of payment, the amount of which exceeds the Chairman’s authority, no more than 1 million Bath. Any amount of over 1 million shall be                   approved by a Annual meeting of members.
6.Submission of financial status of the Association after audits to the full meeting of members every accounting year. The last day of each accounting                  year is December 31.
29. The President shall have the Following functions:
1. Appointment or removal of member of the Governing Board according to Chapter VIII, Rile 21
2. Acting Chairman in charge of the Association’s activities to serve its objectives
3.Presiding over meeting according to Chapter X, Rules 46 ,47
4. Authorization of payment for non-routine activities not exceeding 20,000 Baht (twenty thousand baht only)each and not exceeding 40,000 Baht (forty             thousand baht) per month. Such authorization needs no approval of the Governing Board convenes its meeting. Any payment to be made exceeding the             said amounts needs prior consent of the Governing Board.
5. Appointment of sub-committees to carry out any task on an ad hoc basis
6.Appointment of certified auditor to audit accounts and certify balance sheet, as agreed to by the Governing Board in accordance withRule28.4
7. Representation on behalf of the Association
8. Assignment of Alternate Chairman or any member of the Governing Board or act on his behalf
The President is empowered to give instructions based on the Governing Board’s decision, and administer, recruit, appoint, remove from office, raise                   salary of any person, and to impose sanctions on any officer.
30.Vice President is responsible for the following:
1. Assist the President, as assigned
2. Act on behalf of the President when the President is absent or unable to carry out his duties
31. The Secretary General shall have the following functions:
1. Calling on meeting of the Board and full meetings of member of the Association by preparing provisional agendas in advance and as secretary to the                   meetings, as well as preparing reports
2. Supervision and giving instructions to officers in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Association
3. Taking charge of correspondence
4. Acting custodian of archives of the Association
5. Responsibility for communicating with all members of the Association, including outsiders, regarding activities of the Association
6. Acknowledgement of receipt and payment of money relating to activities of the Association, and routine expenses of the Association
7. Making payment for activities of the Association at the amount not exceeding 1,000 Baht (one thousand baht). Any payment exceeding such amount                  shall be approved by the President
8. Other duties as assigned from time to time by the President or Vice president
9. Submission of reports to the annual full meetings
32. The Treasurer shall have the following duties:
1. Responsibility for finance accounts of the Association, and preparation for annual balance sheets for submission to the Board and full meetings
2. Receipt and payment of money, preparation for and keeping of account stand books as well as documents and evidence relating to receipt and payment   of money, and presentation of monthly financial status to the Governing Board
Upon payment of money, a receipt of the Association shall be given, except for the authorization of the Board.
Upon payment of money, all transactions shall be documented and approved by the Chairman or Secretary General.
3.Keeping of 5,000 Baht (five thousand baht) in cash, where as the excess shall be deposited at the bank specified by the Governing Board in the name of            the Thai Veterinary Medical Association under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King
4. Giving notice to members for payment of membership fees in arrears and to debtors of the Association
33. The Registrar shall have the following duties:
1. Preparation for registry of all categories of members
2. Recording of new memberships in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Association and removal of membership from the registry in                          accordance with Chapter VII, item 20. A list of new and out-going members shall be announced.
3.Review of membership. When members are in arrears of payment for fees, they shall be given notice in writing.
4.Issuance of identification cards in accordance with the regulations issued by the Board
34. The Editor shall have the following duties:
1. Preparation for journals of the Association and acting as editor of the journal ex officio
2. Issuance of other journals as assigned by the Board
3. Co-ordination relating to the Treasurer and taking charge of accounts relating to the journal as indicated in Rules 34.1 and 34.2
35. The Chairman of the Annual Scientific meetings is charged with arrangements of annual scientific meetings.
36. The Foreign Affairs is charged with foreign-related activities.
37. The Scientific Extension officer is charged with the following duties:
1. Making arrangements for technical seminars as occasions permit
2. Extension of veterinary knowledge through the media
3. Preparation for database for community service
4. Taking charge of public relations among the Association and the members
38. The Public Relations officer is Charged with the following duties:
1. Public relations of technical seminars
2. Dissemination of veterinary knowledge through the media
3. Providing assistance in public relations as assigned by members of the Board
4. Keeping all members of the Association informed of all activities
39. The Recreation Officer shall have the following duties:
1. Co-ordination of the reception and entertainment for members
2. Liaison with all members and any persons involved with the activities of the Association
3. Maintenance of and keeping in good order of the premises and assets of the Association
4.Responsibilities for membership, sports and recreation
40. The Board members are duty-bound to render assistance in the conduct of activities, as assigned by the Chairman. The Board members are authorized to represent all members in the Board.

Chapter X


41. Half of members of the Governing Board shall attend meetings to meet the quorum .The Governing Board shall meet at least once in every two months’ period.
42. Full meetings may be categorized into two types:
1.Ordinary full meetings are full meetings to be held once a year, which shall not be later than December 31 of any calendar year.
2. Extraordinary full meetings are full meeting called upon by the Chairman as appropriate or when no less that one hundred of the total ordinary members submit in writing a request therefor through the Secretary.
43. Date and agenda for a full meeting shall be sent to members of the Association at least 15 days in days in advance by the Secretary.
44. At least 100 ordinary members are required to from a quorum of a full meeting. If, at the first full meeting the quorum is not met, another full meeting shall be called upon within 30 days thereafter. At such consecutive meeting, the number of 100 ordinary members is not required to constitute a quorum.
45.At Annual meetings. the following may take place:
1.Election of the President and 3-5 Board members in charge of general affairs
2. Casting a no-confident vote against any member of the Governing Board, on an individual case or en bloc, which has secured at least two-thirds majority of the ordinary members present and voting in secret ballots
3. Taking note of annual balance sheets
4. Giving advice on other activities
46. A resolution shall be adopted by a majority of members present and voting. Unless otherwise specified a members shall have one vote. If the members of vote is tied chairman of the meeting shall cast a decisive vote.
Report of full meeting shall be prepared and certified by the President of the Association. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall forward a copy of the report to members for information within 30 days after the date meeting.
47. Scientific meetings shall be held annually.